Ryan Silberman

Ryan, a recent Bridge to Work program graduate, has made impressive strides in his job with Gamers4Gamers. In a recent interview, he shared insights into his journey, from what inspired him to apply to the company, to the memorable experiences he has had so far.

Inspiration to Join Gamers4Gamers

What inspired you to start working for Gamers4Gamers, and how has your experience been working there?Ryan Silberman

Ryan: “The inspiration came from the desire to be employed in my newly found home of North Carolina. I could have worked in the more mainstream retail or food service jobs, but I wanted the job to align with my interest in video games. Fortunately, it happened that Gamers4Gamers resides close by.”

Memorable Moments at Gamers4Gamers

Can you share a memorable moment or project from your time at Gamers4Gamers that stands out?

Ryan: “My first convention trip remains one that I found so fun that despite it taking place over the weekend, I did not take any of the following weekdays off. Years ago, I would have been one to visit the video game vendor booths whenever I visited cons. So, it is surreal to find myself in the opposite role of that dynamic.”

The Impact of WestBridge Vocational

How did the training and support from WestBridge Vocational help you in your current role?

Ryan: “The training at WestBridge helped me to prepare for the long hours of a work week and learn new things on the job.”

Advice for Others Facing Employment Barriers

What advice would you give to others facing similar barriers to employment who are looking to build a successful career?

Ryan: “There is no sugarcoating in the dire state of the entertainment industries. I do not envy the professionals with years of experience in big studios who spend several months looking for work, let alone those trying to get in the door. Nevertheless, it does not mean there is no job for you. You never know what you will find, depending on where you look. I had no idea being part of a game’s vendor was a viable career path, yet here I am.”

Celebrating Ryan’s Success

WestBridge Vocational is proud of Ryan’s employment and success with Gamers4Gamers. Ryan found a role that matched his love for video games. His experiences, from attending conventions to applying the skills learned at WestBridge, highlight his dedication and adaptability. Ryan’s advice to others facing similar employment challenges underscores the importance of perseverance and being open to unconventional career paths.

WestBridge Vocational is a non-profit organization that provides programs and services that bridge the gap between people with disabilities or disadvantages and gainful employment. We support our mission primarily through our work as a leading manufacturer of disposable surgical products for major medical companies.

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