FDA Registered Medical

 Production Facility

Situated between Charlotte, NC, Atlanta, GA, and Knoxville, TN, WestBridge Vocational (formerly Webster Enterprises) has manufactured a wide variety of medical devices for domestic and global customers for five decades. Products are manufactured in a 12,000 square foot Class 8 controlled environment. We have a rigid quality system and are FDA registered.

Our quality-driven manufacturing team provides an array of medical devices that includes disposable surgical drapes and wraps, custom-sewn medical goods, and neonatal medical devices. Our manufacturing processes includes converting, hot-melt glue applications, die stamping, heat-sealing applications, heat-transfer labelling, sewing, packaging, and more. We work with all types of medical grade materials including nonwovens, poly-coated nonwovens, and embossed and treated plastics.

With a long history of providing medical devices within a regulatory-compliant quality system, an experienced and dedicated workforce, and the availability of a variety of materials and processes, WestBridge Vocational will satisfy your medical device demands.

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 Medical Devices


Surgical Wraps and Drapes

Our disposable surgical drapes and wraps are constructed with nonwovens, plastics, and adhesives, and substrates provided by our approved suppliers.  We work closely with our customers to ensure all medical devices meet specifications and expectations in the medical field.  No drape is too big or too small, and apertures can be provided in any shape or size.

Our hot-melt glue application provides a clean and efficient process for joining various nonwovens or for windowed drapes.  All drapes and wraps are folded to precise customer specifications and can be bulk packed or individually bagged and sealed.

And, our customers receive a Certificate of Conformance that ensures the drape or wrap meets all specifications and is processed with only approved materials.



Medical Sewing

At WestBridge Vocational, we stand apart from the competition because of the wide range of medical devices offered.  We listened to our customers and added custom sewing to our medical device portfolio.  Our products range from catheter covers to shoulder stabilizers to medical equipment coverings.  We offer single needle, double needle, and surging, and can provide heat-transfer labelling on custom sewn goods and all other medical devices.  We only use approved materials for our custom medical sewing goods and all processes are compliant within our quality system and follow FDA requirements.



Neonatal Devices

WestBridge Vocational has further diversified its manufacturing efforts with the addition of neonatal medical devices.  Our customer demands include neonatal splints and coverings for IV therapy, swaddlers for phototherapy, and preemie transport blankets.  All neonatal medical devices are manufactured with approved materials and all processes are compliant within our quality system and follow FDA requirements.

We value the opportunity to expand our capabilities to meet our customers’ demands.  And, we welcome potential customers to share their needs with us.  Let us review your medical device needs.



Quality Management System



WestBridge Vocational strives to exceed quality assurance standards set by industry regulations and the demands of our customers. We strive to improve our products and production processes through careful attention to safety, quality, delivery, and cost management.

Our quality system is ISO 13485:2016 compliant and we are FDA registered.  Our suppliers must also have approved quality systems.


We rely on the quality products WestBridge provides our medical clients around the world.

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